Women in Media Conference 2016

7171cc_dff89c3b10834ed1b3038ad5fda0acbbStudents at the University of Manchester have organised a conference entitled Women in Media.

The conference aims to inspire young women to have faith in their abilities and strive for careers in media.

Elise Gallagher, a second year English language student and organiser of the event said: “As a member of the Mancunion newspaper I can already clearly see how dominated the field already is by men in these early stages. Talking to my fellow female editors, many expressed a slight discomfort to this, or mentioned that they almost didn’t apply for their position. We wanted to change this”.

The conference is being organised and run by a mostly-female team from the Manchester Media Group, the media wing of University of Manchester Students’ Union.

Elise said: “Myself, Polly Bartlett, Jennifer Sterne, Charlie Spargo and Marcus Johns (all active members of the Manchester Media Group) decided to organise the Women in Media in order to celebrate the work women in media have achieved and to also encourage those who would otherwise be dissuaded”.

“We are all aspiring to work within the media and have already come across obstacles as women at a student level, we aim to change this and empower confidence in other students to do the same”.

The event will be open to men, women, students and members of the public alike and will be a great networking opportunity for those hoping to pursue a career in the media. The event will feature many influential women who have succeeded in careers including journalism, television, filmmaking, radio, music, writing, blogging, photography, to conduct workshops and talks to guests. Speakers will include Jane Bradley from the immensely popular Buzzfeed, Sam Walker from Radio 5, and Daisy Buchanan from Grazia who will speak on feminism and fashion.

Elise concluded: “Ultimately we want to remove the stigma of “not being good enough” regardless of gender and encourage our attendees to give it a go”.

The Conference will take place at the Anthony Burgess Foundation in the weekend preceding International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2016—from the evening of Friday the 4th to Sunday the 6th. Tickets range in price and can be booked for the separate constituent events making up the conference or for the weekend as a whole. Any profit will be donated to MASH (Manchester Action on Street Health). A small charity that provides long-lasting help to women involved in sex work.

More information and full line-ups can be found here: http://www.womeninmediacon.co.uk/

Tickets can be purchased here: https://event.bookitbee.com/e/ntb5fn

@WomenInMediaCon #WIM16


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