Three Songs

The Primitives – ‘Crash’

On camping holidays with my family we listened to an album that came free in The Guardian newspaper of ‘indie hits’ which had this track on it. This was one of our favourites not to be surpassed by ‘Gorvinda’ by Kulu Shaker.

This particular trip we were in Clitheroe in Lancashire and on our way to have some drinks at The Inn at Whitewell on a particularly rainy day. We reached a road with a sign bearing the words ‘ROAD CLOSED’, but rather than turning back like most people would, my dad, adamant on getting to The Inn at Whitewell after we had spent several hours sat in the tent with the tap tap tap of the rain on the canvas discussing what to do that day, got out of the car and moved the sign out of the way, announcing “It’s the only way to go! It can’t be closed!”. My mum, my brother and I were silent. In the background the stereo chimed “so shut, shut your mouth, cause I’m not listening anyhow”. We drove tentatively along this road for such a distance that we started to think it’d all be okay!
We saw a flash of yellow in the distance getting closer and larger by the second. Suddenly, the realisation that a huge JCB truck was heading towards us with an angry builder in it hit. My dad, panicking, flipped the car around, doing the fastest handbrake turn I’ve ever seen. The car crunched as the lyrics “don’t look out you’re gunna break your neck” resonated, in his haste my dad had knocked the back of the car on the steep cliff side on the edge of the road.
We sped off, leaving our bumper and an angry builder behind us.


Enya – ‘Orinoco Flow’
I remember this song from my childhood as my mum used to listen to it in the kitchen when she was clearing away from dinner. For years and years I was sure the lyrics were “Save the whale, save the whale, save the whale”, my mum would sing this along with me when I was a child.
Recently she told me that 20 years ago when I was born, the nurses recommend she take relaxing music into the hospital with her to calm her during labour. My mum took this Enya album with her on tape. Needless to say, it didn’t exactly work and accidently (or not) she ended up leaving it there.


The Beatles – ‘Blackbird’
To me, this song speaks of absolute freedom in achievement. I love The Beatles and so this list had to include one of their songs! This is a song is like a lullaby to me. I can always return to when I’m stressed or missing in direction and it relaxes me like no other.


This post was for DAY 3 of the Writing101 Challenge. Today, the challenge was to write solidly for 15 minutes without editing about 3 songs that meant something to you. I must be honest, I struggled to choose 3 songs!

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